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I'm not sure about you but I find it sooo hard to find a mascara that I like, that suits me and does a good job. They say you should replace your mascara every 3 months but how many of us actually do that? I can't say that I follow this rule, which would probably explain how I ended up with an eye infection - lesson learned, ha ha ha.

Some make-up artists list mascaras from Lancome, Clinique, YSL and Mac as some of the best. However, they are way outside my price range. As I had to replace my mascara after my eye infection, I thought that I would share my thoughts and reviews of mascaras I've used and tried.

Following my post about the Lacura concealor and powder from Aldi, I thought I would try the Lacura mascara. I had really high hopes as I really really like what I've tried so far.
I did buy it but just couldn't use it - It has this smell, and its a smell that I cannot stand. I liken the smell to dandilions when you pick them. It wasn't even just a slight smell, it was a really strong smell and it turned my stomach. So that was the end of that mascara.
Next up, Maybelline's Great Lash. I find its very good for lengthening and enhancing but not so much for volumising. This has a cult following - It's a favourite mascara of make-up artists and mentioned regulary in magazines. And I do find it good BUT it has one major flaw - Its very runny and just blinking results in it smudging a little. So for best results, allow a few minutes for it to dry before blinking- if you can!!
Above is the Volume Express from Maybelline. This has become my absolute favourite mascara. Even without my eyelash curlers, this volumised, curled and beautified my eyelashes. And even better, its not runny so no smudges!! The only little thing is the smell - but its a very slight chemical smell but nowhere near as bad as the lacura. Otherwise this is the best mascara I've ever used. Love, love, love:)
More Lashes by Max Factor is another mascara heralded by makeup artists. I found it to be blah...nothing special in my humble opinion! I found it to be a little clumpy but it was not the worst mascara. However there are much better mascaras out there.
Now for my expensive mascara. I have to admit to trying Clinique's lash doubling mascara. It was a moment of weakness and rashness. However, it wasn't a bad mascara. It just wasn't good enough to warrant the price of it (over €20). I found that it didnt really volumise my lashes and theres nothing extraordinary about it.
Now for my worst mascara. Ever! Revlon's 3D Extreme mascara. Clumpy. Very very clumpy. And thats with one coat. Useless. Rubbish.

Generally, I find that the mascaras from Maybelline, L'oreal and Bourjois are fantastic and value for money. I don't see the point in spending over €20 on a mascara when there are so many other fantastic ones on the market at over half the price.

So, What mascaras do you rate or hate?
Big Girl

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