Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beautiful and Inspiring Women

So who are the women who you think are the most beautiful or that inspire you? My favourites are not all Hollywood A-Listers but their beauty and style just really inspire me and make me believe that even though I'm a big girl that I am a force to be reckoned with and am beautiful and sexy.

Firstly, Monica Bellucci. In my humble opinion the most beautiful woman in the world. She is a naturally curvy beauty and she makes me proud to be brunette.

Christina Hendricks - Again another curvy woman who is simply stunning. And she colours her hair that beautiful red copper ( who cares that shes a natural blonde).
Melissa McCarthy - actress in Molly and Mike, Gilmore Girls - beauty and comedy, a brilliant mix, and shes been acting for many years, showing those multiple Hollywood Blondes that you can be individual, not model-thin and successful in Hollywood.
Beth Ditto - lead singer with Gossip - Just does, says and wears what she wants and doesn't care what anyone has to say about it. We should all take a leaf out of her book.
Charlotte Coyle - Irish Plus size model - I could have chosen Crystal Renn but shes recently lost weight and I thought " feck that, Charlotte is Irish, proud of her figure and a very successful plus size model". Therefore she gets the nod ahead of Ms.Renn.

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