Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hi there

I'm Big Girl and this is my very first posting.....and my very first blog... and this is amazing cos I'm the big 30 and not very computer-minded. So please excuse any typos and feel free to comment or post feedback.

So whats my blog about?? Well mainly its to do with being a big girl in a skinny world!!!

There are numerous issues..like there's serious lack of choices for big girls in clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. Particulary here where I'm from, South West Ireland, where we have serious limited choice of fashionable and stylish clothing and such.

Oh and its not just about clothing, I want to post about good finds and bargains I find in Beauty and Haircare and anything else which people might be interested in. So its not just for big girls....its for anyone and everyone who is simply interested in good style, fashion, beauty and bargains.

Then theres the issue of budgets (or in my case, a serious lack of money)...something most of us can understand, so I want to post about bargains I find... serious bargains, not designer brands like some other blogs, but good cheap brands that actually work and do what they say on the product! I don't mean to discriminate against designer or high-priced brands..Its just they're usually outside my price range ha ha ha !!

However as I am a big girl, clothing wise, it will aim towards us big Girls who need all the help we can get. But I hope everyone will find something that they like. So I will post any info on clothes/accessories/beauty products I find. Please browse and enjoy.

Hugs & Bubbles,

Big Girl

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